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Excelsior Mining Corp. (TSX-V: MIN) (Frankfurt: 3XS) (OTCQX: EXMGF) ("Excelsior" or the “Company”) is pleased to announce comprehensive hydrological results for the Gunnison Copper Project in Arizona (“Gunnison Project”). The results generated hydrological conductivities in the range expected for typical fracture controlled deposits and show the deposit is suitable for in-situ recovery (“ISR”) operations. These results will be incorporated into a full Feasibility Study scheduled for completion in 2016.

Commenting on these results, President and CEO Stephen Twyerould said, “The successful completion of the hydrology test program is a major milestone in the advancement of our Gunnison Copper Project.  The favourable results once again demonstrate the potential to extract this significant deposit using economically superior and environmentally friendly in-situ mining.”

A total of 32 hydrology wells were laid out over the North Star deposit of the Gunnison Project and its surroundings. These wells targeted a variety of fractured zones, rock types and mineralized areas.  Twenty-seven of the 32 wells were hydraulically tested and the remaining five served as observation wells.  An additional 21 core holes from previous drilling programs were used as water level observations to provide a radial distribution of observation bores to each of the tested wells.

Pump Rates

Hydraulic properties and sustainable pumping rates for individual formations and structures were quantified by assessing the connectivity between pumping wells and observation wells. A pump rate is considered sustainable when at least 50% of the available drawdown is achieved at the end of the total test duration, which typically lasts for five days. Available drawdown is defined as the well bore interval between pump intake and the pre-test level of the water table. Sustainable pump rates of up to 170 gallons per minute (gpm) were observed; these results demonstrate favourable flow rates for potential in-situ copper recovery operations.  

Hydraulic Conductivity

Drawdown response analysis is the quantification of the hydraulic conductivity and is a measure of the efficiency with which water moves through the rock. Hydraulic conductivity (K) is measured in units of length over time, and is represented as feet per day (ft/d). Previous pump tests (pre-2014) conducted by Excelsior produced hydraulic conductivities that ranged from 0.17 ft/day to 4.9 ft/day. These test results were incorporated into the 2014 Prefeasibility Study. Table 1 shows the combined data from all tests, together with the tested depth and span of the hydraulic interval (D).

Table 1 Summary of Hydraulic Testing Results

Hydrology Well K (feet / day) Hydraulic Interval (ft) D (ft)
NSH -001 0.3 702 – 1096 394
NSH -002 4.5 608 – 1264 656
NSH -003 0.2 1216 – 1400 184
NSH -004B 0.5 695 – 1031 336
NSH -005 5.0 647 – 1020 373
NSH -0061 45.0 640 – 681 41
NSH -007 0.4 469 – 620 151
NSH -008 0.4 700 – 847 147
NSH -009 0.01 785 – 1018 233
NSH -010 0.1 555 – 720 165
NSH -011 0.2 470 – 545 75
NSH -013 0.9 656 – 1070 414
NSH -014B2 0.02 1160 – 1274 114
NSH -015 4.6 600 – 820 220
NSH -016 3.1 580 – 820 240
NSH -017 5.8 919 – 1200 281
NSH -018 9.3 591 – 992 401
NSH -019 4.8 638 – 1300 662
NSH -020 2.0 1110 – 1582 472
NSH -021C 0.5 624 – 1372 748
NSH -022 0.1 919 – 1131 212
NSH -023 0.4 645 – 1442 792
NSH -024 0.2 625 – 1440 815
NSH -025 0.05 1461 – 1590 129
NSH -026 0.3 625 – 900 275
NSH -027 0.6 840 – 1010 170
NSH -028 0.2 572 – 800 228
1 Alluvium
2 NSH -014B tested the non-mineralized zone beneath the deposit.

Drawdown analyses from the majority of the wells indicate confined flow conditions and rapid initial response, which are characteristic of fractured bedrock aquifers. When fracture flow was identified, appropriate analysis verified that fracturing was sufficiently frequent such that modeling with an equivalent porous medium model was justified. 

Hydrology Model

A regional groundwater model has been constructed that is capable of modeling and predicting local and regional groundwater flow during simulations of various in-situ recovery scenarios sufficient to support production modeling at the feasibility level. The model has been successfully calibrated by comparison of measured and predicted groundwater levels. Results validate that the deposit is amenable to in-situ mining.

The model is necessary in the permitting phase to demonstrate understanding and control of groundwater flow at the site and to quantify the potential volumes of mine-affected water. It is also being used to develop preliminary designs of the hydraulic interaction between extraction and delivery wells for different configurations and well spacing.  In-situ recovery mining relies on flow between a delivery well and the neighboring extraction wells.  This flow is controlled by the hydraulic conductivity between the delivery and the extraction point, and by the hydraulic gradient.  The gradient can be controlled by means of delivery and extraction rates which create a pressure head (“mounding”) in the delivery well and a cone of depression at the recovery well.  Modelling has shown that flow rates necessary for in-situ mining and hydraulic control are fully supported by the hydraulic conductivities shown in Table 1. 

About Excelsior

Excelsior is a mineral exploration and development company that is advancing the Gunnison Copper Project. The Excelsior management team consists of experienced professionals with proven track records of advancing mining projects into production.  Further information about the Gunnison Copper Project can be found in the technical report filed on SEDAR at www.sedar.com entitled: “Gunnison Copper Project, NI 43-101 Technical Report, Prefeasibility Study” dated February 14, 2014.

For more information on Excelsior, please visit our website at www.excelsiormining.com.

Mr. R. Douglas Bartlett, RG, CPG, CHG, a Principal Hydrogeologist with Clear Creek Associates and a Qualified Person as defined by NI 43-101, has reviewed and approved the technical information disclosed in this news release. Mr. Bartlett has verified the data underlying the test results by approving the test procedure, obtaining all the analytical data over the life of the experiment, and performing the calculations presented above.


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