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  • World's most environmentally-friendly copper project.
  • Low water consumption; in-situ copper mining largely recycles water.
  • Water consumption is negligible compared to other industries.
  • Mine closure allows for the land to be re-used for any purpose.
  • No negative legacy issues; no possibility of acid mine drainage.
  • No dust, air, or sound pollution.
  • Low to negligible carbon emissions.

The Future will know us by our mines.

Excelsior's in-situ copper mine runs silent and generates minimal emissions.

In-situ copper mining leaves no negative legacies

Traditional open-pit mines permanently scare the natural landscape. Open-pits often fill with ground water that becomes acidic (acid mine drainage). Remediating acid mine drainage is difficult and can last centuries. Acid mine drainage is not possible with in-situ copper mining.

Excelsior’s mine closure plan will allow for the land to be used for any purpose once operations conclude.

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Unlike traditional mining that uses water for dust suppression or mineral extraction, Excelsior’s in-situ mine mostly recycles all the water used during operations.


Water use per pound of copper produced

Average, 2004-2008, in gallons per pound of copper

Source: Arizona Department of Mines & Mineral Resources SR 29 2010


Excelsior’s Gunnison copper mine will be one of the lowest consumers of water in the world.

An on-site water treatment facility will further decrease total water consumption and ensure water quality meets regulatory standards.


Willcox basin water consumption

Principal water consumers in the Willcox Basin,
2006-2010 average, in acre-feet per year.


ANNual water usage of
major Arizona copper mines

Average, 2004-2008, in acre-feet per year

Source: Arizona Department of Mines & Mineral Resources SR 29 2010

World’s most environmentally-friendly copper mining project.


Gunnison Copper Project – First Cathode, December 2020